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AC compressor Clutch BEARING Fits: 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic VII

AC compressor Clutch BEARING Fits: 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic VII


This item fits:


Honda     Civic VII       2001-2005         1.4L                     16V

Honda     Civic VII       2001-2005         1.6L                     16V

Honda     Civic VII       2001-2005         1.7L                     16V

Honda     Civic VII       2001-2005         1.7L                     16V Vtech

Honda     Civic VII       2001-2005         1.7L                     Type R/SI


Top quality Bearing, made by NSK in the USA.


Our bearings are setting new standards for reliability, energy efficiency, durability and super-precision.

We are combining extensive knowledge and years of experience, along with advanced quality control methods to offer top quality Bearings.


You can easily find low cost, low quality, often Chinese-made products in today’s flooded online parts market.To understand why you are paying more for items we are offering please go to:


.                 We are offering only TOP Quality products.                .


  • Before purchasing, make sure your compressor is the Genuine (OEM) Sanden TRSA090 type, and the model number is one of the following:   3650, 3653, 3654, 3655, 3657, 3658, 3659, 3660, 3663, 3664, 3668, 4913, 4914, 4967, 4968, 4973, 4977, 4978, 4980, 4985, 4986.


    If your compressor has been replaced with a generic compressor, the item listed will NOT fit.  


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