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AC Clutch Fits: 2013 RAM 1500 3.6 Liter OE Compressor

AC Clutch Fits: 2013 RAM 1500 3.6 Liter OE Compressor



  • A/C Compressor CLUTCH made in the USA by Maxsam Clutches.

    To understand what we are offering you can visit us at

    You can easily find low cost, low quality, often Chinese-made products in today's flooded online parts market.


    For Fitment please use the FITMENT CHART below.

    Before purchasing, please make sure that your compressor is the genuine, factory installed Compressor (OEM).

    If your compressor has been replaced with an after-market unit, we can NOT guarantee fitment.


    This Clutch includes all parts needed to replace your old clutch:

        a. PULLEY with long lasting, NSK BEARING pressed-in the pulley.

        b. FRONT PLATE.

        c. ELECTROMAGNETIC COIL with OE connector for perfect fit.

        d. All HARDWARE needed.

        e. Step by Step DIY Instructions.


    The clutch is an external unit and has nothing to do with the refrigerant.

    With some mechanical skills, you can do it yourself even if the access to the compressor is tight.

    For questions, please contact us using our "Contact Us"  form.


    Part # CA-413-B-4041302

    UPC: 810061031017


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